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讲座题目:Digital Platforms as a Channel to Enter Foreign Markets: Overcoming the Liabilities of Foreignness and Complementorship

主讲 人:李家涛Jiatao (JT) Li


腾讯会议会议号946-701-253 密码:1103


李家涛教授,现任香港科技大学(科大)商学院利国伟商学讲席教授,管理学系讲座教授、科大商学院商业战略与创新研究中心主任, 科大高等研究院 (IAS)资深学人, 长江学者讲座教授,美国国际商务学会(Academy of International Business,缩写为AIB)院士,美国国际商务学会(AIB)副主席(2016-2019),美国国际商务学会(AIB)2018年会主席。

李家涛教授是国际商业战略的资深专家,致力于推进新兴国家的企业战略研究。他目前担任国际商务顶尖期刊Journal of International Business Studies(JIBS)副主编(2016-),Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal,Journal of Management, Global Strategy Journal, 和Journal of International Business Policy等国际顶级管理学期刊编委会委员。并于2009-2016期间担任战略管理顶尖期刊Strategic Management Journal(SMJ)的副主编。他曾于2013年7月-2017年7月任科大商学院资深副院长, 2009年-2013年7月任科大商学院副院长,2006-2017年8月任科大商学院管理学系系主任。他的研究领域包括组织学习、战略联盟、公司治理、创新和创业。他的研究成果经常发表在Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of International Business Studies, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal,和Journal of Management等管理学顶级学术期刊,更有不少获得最佳论文奖项。



Digital commerce platforms have created a new channel for multinational enterprises (MNEs) to enter foreign markets. They can sell on such platforms as a third-party seller (also called a complementor) or as a supplier to the platform owner. The first approach gives better control of the marketing mix but it entails two challenges. The first is the liability of foreignness, and the second is the disadvantage of being a complementor on the platform, termed in this study as the liability of complementorship. Two empirical studies using data from Amazon.com and JD.com, leading e-commerce platforms in the US and China, respectively, show that maintaining control by selling as a third-party seller tends to predict lower sales compared to serving as a supplier to the platform owner. We also argue and find that the penalty associated with retaining control will be smaller for firms with a stronger brand and for firms whose consumers are favorably inclined to the digital business model. These findings provide new insight into how MNEs enter foreign markets by leveraging digital platform channels.




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